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What Is EditorBurger?

It's 2023. Demand for content is huge and growing for all businesses. Content builds trust and is bang for buck the best way to market one's self or business. But...

Socials, podcasts, Youtube, pitch videos, sizzles...did we mention sizzles? It's a lot. No matter your business, you’re in the media business. 

To win the day, you must provide true value in the form of content, flexing expertise in whatever your niche.

But ALSO, it requires a bunch of technical labor to edit video, add graphics and sound design, mix the audio, deliver your files, and project manage the whole entire workflow.

EditorBurger Logo

How to Use EditorBurger

Although EditorBurger can take the heavy lifting of editing, sound design, and audio mixing out of your hands, there’s still some things you need to handle before you cook up!

Use the following best practices in your content creation workflow no matter who your editor is.

Rule #1: Have a Script

Scripts organize your ideas by creating a roadmap for the editor. As a result, you'll spend less time making revisions.

EditorBurger Logo
EditorBurger Logo

10 Step Post-Production Workflow

Surprise! Editing is only one step.

Premium work is built atop a solid big picture view of the entire post-production workflow and how each stage affects the final product.

Each stage of post requires time and/or money...by that we mean a set of buns in the chair doing the work.

1. Ingest: Footage and audio can come from a variety of cameras, devices, or sources online. Organize everything in your primary storage and label it in a way that makes sense for the project, creating folders and subfolders for the different elements. Check out our recommended EditorBurger Post-Production Folder Structure.

2. Prep: This is the process of bringing footage, audio, music, archival, or other material into the editing system and organizing within the project by syncing audio or multi-cam sequences, in addition to pulling selects or even assembling rough cuts.  

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