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What is EditorBurger?

It's 2023. Demand for content is huge and growing for all businesses. Content builds trust and is bang for buck the best way to market one's self or business. But...

Socials, podcasts, Youtube, pitch videos, sizzles...did we mention sizzles? It's a lot. No matter your business, you’re in the media business. 

To win the day, you must provide true value in the form of content, flexing expertise in whatever your niche.

But ALSO, it requires a bunch of technical labor to edit video, add graphics and sound design, mix the audio, deliver your files, and project manage the whole entire workflow.

That means you either hire staff, manage freelancers, or do it yourself. This can be tricky! We've been there :/

Freelancers are expensive and get booked up, but at least they don't stay on payroll when work is slow. Staff editors provide consistency and are cheaper by the day than a freelancer, but add cost-prohibitive overhead to your growing business.

The one hack I can recommend is find a young student looking for opportunity who will soon be too in-demand and too expensive for you to retain. It's fun while it lasts but the turnover and lack of commitment are real.

EditorBurger is our solution to solving this riddle.

By connecting to our global community of post-production professionals, a monthly Editor Burger subscription is your dedicated post-production sidekick to handle video and podcast editing.

AND, we do all the prep and finishing work routine to professional post-production: graphics, titles, lower thirds, sound design, and audio mix.

Whether it's social media, podcasts, short films, sizzle reels, or even long form documentary. Any type of content, really.

At EditorBurger you're encouraged to stretch our abilities and guide us with your preferences, style choices, and inspiration.

EditorBurger's easy-to-use customer portal walks you through the entire post production process, including various delivery formats and aspect ratios. Heck! Go ahead, request multiple deliverables per edit. Those extra 9x16 and 4x5 exports are on us!

It's simple. You provide media files and creative direction.  EditorBurger does the work. Make unlimited revisions until approved for final delivery. That seventy thousandth revision won't toast our buns at all. It's your world!

Give us your social video, podcasts, edit prep, assemblies, rough cuts, overnight edits, sound design + audio mix. We'll even deliver you the working project files in whatever format you need. It's all yours to keep, baby!

Cancel or pause your subscription for any reason. EditorBurger is here for you, anytime. 

Pro Skill. Remote Chill. With EditorBurger you can...Get Creative. No Sweat.

Book a free strategy call to learn what EditorBurger can do for you today!

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